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About nurisha

It's an Honor to Serve you!

Here's a brief look at how I can help...

The Speaker

With an excitement for teaching, preaching and igniting growth, Nurisha enjoys ministering and motivating people to understand their place in the Kingdom and how to grow into the complete person God has called them to be.  Nurisha speaks at conferences, seminars, meetings, and church services of all sizes.  Nurisha is currently accepting booking requests for 2016 and 2017.

The Consultant

Her apostolic anointing and passion for church leadership drives her pursuit to consult, organize, plant and birth churches and ministries all over the world. With a strong business background and ability to administrate, organize and build, she delights in offering businesses and ministries advice, new perspectives, and an "at-a-glance" overview of how they can become more efficient and effective at what they do. Click here for more information.

The Author

"Living the LIGHT!", a 90-day devotional published in 2010 was the first book Nurisha wrote and published.  This year Nurisha will complete her 2nd and 3rd books - one written specifically for Church and Ministry Leadership, and the other coaching the us all to dream big as God fulfills His plans through us.

The Publisher

As a self-published author, Nurisha has taken what she learned to help others fulfill their dreams of writing and publishing their own books.  She will walk you through the process of documenting your thoughts, editing them for readability, layout, graphics, publishing and even distribution.

The Minstrel

Worship is one of Nurisha's greatest passions.  Nurisha began her tenure in ministry playing the piano, singing, and leading others to the presence of God through worship.  She has lead worship for conferences, church services, prayer meetings, seminars, and other various event.

The Minister

Ministry is at the core of all that God enables Nurisha to do from the Kingdom.  Her pastoral ministry caters to walking God's people through tough times, as well as counseling and encouraging spiritual growth.  Her apostolic anointing fuels her passion to minister to pastors and leaders and help the local church to reach its mission.  

The Adviser

​Over the last 5 years, Ms. Liggins has brought her unique combination of communication skills, media savvy, and spiritual advisement to clients facing a wide array of issues and challenges throughout the United States.  Ms. Liggins honed her skills through her experiences with some of the most notable ministries, leaders, entertainers and celebrities who execute a global reach.


Perhaps best known in media circles for her expertise as a public relations expert and spiritual advisor, Ms. Liggins has served as a consultant for a host of high profile, celebrity and entertainment clients over the course of her career including, but not limited to, Fred Hammond, Dr. Mike Murdock and The Wisdom Center, and several other confidential clientele. Click here for more information,

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