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You're multifaceted. When growing the different areas of your life, you may see improvements in one area, only to notice the failures in other areas. You can only truly thrive when all areas of your life--your relationships, your performance and your wellbeing--are growing together.


This is where I can help.


I have designed several unique coaching programs which will not only help you grow in the parts of your life that are most important to you, but they will also help you gain perspective, heal and move forward in every area of your life!

Take a look at my coaching programs below and let's begin that process today!

Freedom and Identity Coaching

We all need a little help getting past hurts, habits and hang-ups.  I offer both group courses and one-on-one coaching programs which offer the guidance and accountability you need to discover your vulnerabilities, identify root causes of issues and provide a clear path for freedom, healing and overcoming.

Picture Purpose Coaching

Everyone desires to find deeper meaning in their life and it can be difficult to understand how your unique gifts and talents point you to your voice, message and purpose.  Through my Picture Purpose Coaching Programs, I offer several helpful tools and courses that will help you uncover what's been inside of you all along.  I help you "brand" your life's message and develop your life and season's purpose statements, based on the season of life you are in right now.

  • The Treasure Hunt: Your talents and gifts are treasures which have been calling you into purpose from day one. In this 45-minute session, we take a deep-dive exploration into your gifts and talents, and help you figure out which ones require your focus right now


  • The Master Plan:  This 8-week Purpose Coaching Program guides you into a therapeutic and motivating discovery of self. Your pain calls upon your purpose, and in The Master Plan, we explore your journey and craft the story and message you were called to share.  God wastes nothing and he can use your worst pains to be the pain you were called to heal, and the problems you were created to solve. 


  • (I) Purpose Mapping: Personal Branding)When sharing your personal story as part of a ministry, testimony or for speaking engagements, you need to be able to communicate exactly who you are and share your clear and concise message. These sessions begin with brainstorming and leads to branding your message and new ministry or business. Purpose Mapping helps give you the keys to knowing how your story shapes the message you were created to share with others. This Personal Branding Option is for individuals who are not yet in business, or are within one-year of starting their business or ministry.

  • (II) Purpose Mapping: The Blueprint:We all need help bringing clarity to vision, dreams and goals.  The Blueprint sessions are designed to do just that. These one-hour sessions bring structure to your vision, and helps you know which steps to take to bring it to life. We discuss building potential products with your vision, branding, marketing and some design concepts. This is a great start to clarifying and launching your vision, and I am equipped and happy to help!

  • (III) Purpose Mapping: Professional Branding: Small businesses and ministries go through seasons of growth where re-branding is necessary.  These Purpose Mapping sessions are designed for the professional and your creative teams to craft the story you want your consumers and community to hear.  We take a look at where you have been and project where you would like to be, and construct the branding and messaging which will help you get there.

  • The P.A.U.S.E.:  Life's disruptions can be painful, yet purposeful when you know what to do in these "in-between" places in our lives.  I have lived through five (yes, FIVE) major disruptions which guided me into the place I call The PAUSE. The PAUSE is a sacred season where God re-invents you and gives you time to grieve past seasons, heal wounds and pains, and discover new talents and gifts which were made for your next season. 


  • These disruptions can come by way of divorce, death, dried up resources, disobedience and new directions or instructions from God.  I've lived through each of these and I share my discoveries in each PAUSE season tohelp guide you through and out of these "in-between" seasons in your life.


  • The P.A.U.S.E. Coaching Program is designed to help you discover where you are in this "in-between" season for your life, and coach you through it. This 5-6 week program intentionally focuses on helping you heal, recover, discover, reposition and re-invent yourself for your next season of purpose.

Certified Life Coaching: (CBT, NLP, REBT Therapies)

As a Certified Life Coach, with additional certifications in motivation coaching, NLP, CBT and REB therapies. I enjoy helping my clients see the best of themselves and discover obstacles keeping them from succeeding.   


Many times we don't understand how past hurts, disappointments and even trauma stifle our motivation to do the things we were once passionate about.  I've been there, and have had to confront my own hurts and habits which kept me from being motivated.  I understand the process of confronting personal issues and regaining my focus and drive to recover and relaunch who I was always meant to be.  


My coaching sessions focus on inner healing, uncovering rules we made for ourselves, identifying misperceptions, developing a healthy self image, and establishing healthy boundaries and much more.

I utilize Cognitive Behavioral and Neuro-Linguistic Programming therapies as part of my coaching techniques.  In addition, I am a Certified R.E.B. Therapist.  R.E.B. stands for Rational Emotive Behavior and simply means re-programming the way you think.  I help heal your perspectives and re-train your brain to develop healthier thoughts which lead to more balanced emotions and behavior.

As a certified Life Coach with focuses on REB, CBT, and NLP therapies, we can begin examining your thoughts, emotions and behaviors which effect various areas of your life. Let's talk about your goals, what's holding you back and work on re-training your brain for achievement and success! We will confront negative thoughts and introduce practical exercises you can incorporate into your daily life.  I'll be your accountability partner and we will celebrate every small step together!

Private/Personal Diversity & Inclusion Coaching:

In addition to my DEI company which serves corporations, universities and faith-based organizations, I coach individuals with one-on-one exercises and discussions which help my clients gain a better understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion and how to implement these practices in their own lives.  I create a safe and brave space for my clients to share their perspectives and uncover hidden biases which have shaped the way they see the world.  

Often times we need personal conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion to gain a better understanding of how to adapt to a broader perspective of the world.  These coaching conversations help identify which life experiences have shaped your current perspectives of the world, and will provide tools and accountability for helping to shift your mind toward embracing a culture of oneness and belonging.

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