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  • Author | Keynote Speaker | Minister
  • Certified Life & Purpose Coach
  • Certified in REBT, CBT, NLP therapies
  • Certified Community Psychology Specialist
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Professional
  • Book Publisher
  • Business/Ministry Development Strategist
  • Curriculum Designer
  • Mom to a King, and Mama to a Garden!
fast facts

Hello! I am Nurisha Liggins and my purpose is to bring clarity to vision, healing to perspectives, revelation and strategy to move you forward!


My name Nurisha and it is Swahili meaning "to show light."  My father found my name in a Swahili dictionary and decided that this was who I was to become to the world... light.  So this is what I do.  I bring light in various forms which shows up as a:


  • Transformative Life & Purpose Coach: helping you discover your purpose and live a healed and transformed life

  • DEI Professional: bringing Consulting and Training  to organizations who seek a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organizations

  • Business and Ministry Consultant: helping companies and ministries develop and execute strategies which support growth and expansion

  • Staff and Leadership Developer: delivering training and coaching to develop staff and leaders

  • Curriculum Designer: conceptualizing your organization's needs and developing customized training courses for staff and leadership

I have extensive teaching, training and speaking experience in both corporate and non-profit industries, and I absolutely love to work and create in those spaces!  I'm the author of two books ("From Tools To Traits" is my latest publication), and have helped many others birth their books through my publishing company throughout the years.  

I have traveled the world delivering training to Fortune 500 companies on the topics of Diversity & Inclusion and Leadership Development.  I have served on the Board of Directors for churches and ministries, and have worked in Public Relations and Crisis Management for nonprofit corporations. With every role and in every assignment, my desire is to help others to see what they may not be able to envision on their own and help them take the best next steps.

So if you represent an organization and would like  to learn more on how my team can help bring light, clarity and strategy to your vision, please navigate to the Corporate & Training Services page, and let's begin a positive and enlightening journey together.

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