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With over 20 years of experience, I have helped corporations and ministries grow and navigate change for all types of transitions.  I have a passion for helping leaders and teams uncover their greatness by providing tools and practices that catapults development and motivates success.


I have amassed a great amount of experience working in freedom ministry, corporate training and development, and ministry/staff and organizational leadership.  I have invested my time and passion into helping others see, hear and respond to the needs of others by initiating the most difficult and sensitive conversations.  At the heart of what I do is the desire to help others navigate transition by creating an atmosphere that invites  vulnerability and invokes honest and open discussions.  This is the beginning of change.  


Internal change needs an external perspective, and I am honored to be sent as an Ambassador to you and your organization to help facilitate the change you desire to achieve.

Here's a list of  specific topics I have acquired specialized training and experience to serve you with:


  1. Leadership & Development Training

  2. Diversity & Inclusion/Implicit Bias Training

  3. Self Awareness and Sensitivity Discussions

  4. Freedom Ministry

  5. Navigating Change and Transition

  6. Strategic Planning

  7. Curriculum Design

  8. Public Relations and Crisis Management

For a more customized training experience, please schedule a free consultation so we can develop a plan that addresses the specific needs of your organization.

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