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Nurisha Liggins has an expansive and diverse background reaching across multiple industries in executive consulting, operations management, administrative services, in both corporate and non-profit sectors.  


Known for her wise and respected voice she brings balanced and practical solutions to complicated issues, and offers a "hands-on" approach to propelling you and your team to the finished line!  


Here are just a few of the services Nurisha can assist you and your organization with...

 Book Publishing & Consulting 

From editing, ghostwriting, layout, and administrative/publishing services, Nurisha can walk you through the entire process of becoming a published author.

 Private Coaching/Consulting 

Considered to be one of the wisest voices and change agents to executives, leaders, and even some celebrities, Nurisha offers private coaching and consulting to those looking to bring change and healthy growth to  individuals, teams and organizations.

 Ministry & Business Consulting

As an employee and an entrepreneur investing over 30 years in ministry and corporate executive leadership, Nurisha's vast experience has covered all areas of ministry and business from the ground up.  Her passion for solving problems and teaching/training others to find hidden solutions has become one of her trademarks when consulting teams!  Let her help build your organization!

 Specialized Training

From leadership development, team building, diversity training, and administrative services... Nurisha offers specialized training to ministries and corporations desiring to enhance the value of their team members and volunteers.  In addition,  Nurisha also writes and develops curriculum, exams, and certifications specific to your organization's internal and external affairs.

 Virtual Assistant

Providing virtual assistant services including booking, document and contract prep, calendar scheduling, and public relations representation, Nurisha provides a professional and pristine appearance to anyone needing a "virtual right hand" partnering with their goals.

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