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OCT. 6th

This event is now FREE and will stream LIVE from Facebook and YouTube!




Join a group of "From Tools To Traits" readers LIVEnas we walk through the

10 chapters of this life-changing book together!  

Book Club members will invest five consecutive weeks together, 

reading two chapters of the book per week and discussing our personal goals,

celebrating progress and working through challenges for each character trait!  

Take a look at the course syllabus:

:: WEEK 1 - October 6 with Janette Smith

1. Creating Healthy Thoughts

2. Building Your Faith


:: WEEK 2 - October 13 with Kristiahna Clark

3. Conscious Communication

4. Intentional Encounters


:: WEEK 3 - October 20 with Laneshia Fentress

5. Understanding Your Influence

6. Cultivating Confidence


:: WEEK 4 - October 27 with Arnita Taylor

7. Poise Principles

8. Becoming A Misfit

:: WEEK 5 - October 12 with Annette Murray

9. Unlocking Your Superpower

10. The Great & Deliberate You!

We have created a safe space where readers can be themselves and share their personal experiences as we work through them together.

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