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Most of us don't achieve the success we desire because we have yet to know or fully understand our life's purpose.  For many years, I have been blessed to work in many different industries, with some of the most influential high-achieving celebrities, using several of my talents to build help build their dreams. As exciting as this may sound, it was exhausting investing my time and talents to elevate others and not knowing how or where to invest in myself. Can you relate?


Having the ability to do many things sometimes confuses us to know which talents are most aligned with our gifts. After finally discovering my purpose, I was able to clarify a vision for my life, and make sure I wasn't wasting time focusing my attention on the wrong things.  Simply put, just because I could do it, doesn't mean that I should.

Over the years, I have helped others in the same predicament.  As a certified Life CoachI have helped my friends and clients clarify their vision, understand their purpose and develop a plan to take giant-baby steps into their purpose. I truly enjoy helping others see more clearly, and uncovering the vision that has been buried underneath uncertainty.

I have created a workshop designed to help you picture your purpose much more clearly.  This workshop will help you

  • understand the difference your between talents and gifts

  • realize how your gifts connect you to seasonal purpose

  • develop a vision for "giant-baby steps"

  • understand why your story is your difference

  • The P.A.U.S.E.. - the transitional season between here and there. Get clarity about how to get out if it.

So come hang out with a few other like-minded individuals who need a push from a Purpose Coach, and let's uncover your best you ever!

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