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L. Dove writes:

Nurisha, Thank you for such an amazing

experience in the Disrupting Bias class today.

You did a phenomenal job exhibiting passion, professionalism and care as we talked about very introspective topics. Your complete vulnerability about your own stories made the class a very safe and open enviroment. Everyone walked out feeling cared for, excited, and open to reframing their own perceptions, myself included. 

Thank you again for being who you are.

My deepest thanks!


A. Rowe writes:

Nurisha, Shelley and I so enjoyed the BIAS class that you taught on January 9 in TYS! We were impressed by your teaching style and how you engaged the class on many different levels. You're such a natural! We also enjoyed the scientific process of bias. We are nerds! In closing, we just wanted to say thanks for a great learning experience!

J. Baquero writes:

Thank you so much for coming all the way over to HDQ2 to teach our AAdvantage Customer Service Reps how to Disrupt their Everyday Bias! Our team really enjoyed the class and we do appreciate the personal delivery. Thank you for all that you do to improve the workplace environment for all of our employees.

C. Long writes:

Nurisha, thanks for investing in and launching our Flight Disrupting Everyday Bias facilitators,
You made such a difference!


S. Hurley writes:

Anne and I attended the Understanding Bias training in Knoxville on 1/9/20 and was so impressed. You are truly gifted in your presentation skills. I thoroughly enjoyed how you engaged the room and made each of us  feel comfortable to share. Thank you again for such a wonderful training.

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