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"Failing" Into Place

(An excerpt from the devotional "Living The Light" (rev), coming January 2017)


Let’s clear something up before we move forward on this topic. Failures are events, not people. God cannot create failures. He is a God of excellence, and everything He does produces life! People oftentimes participate or create events or plans that do not succeed. Some choose a lifestyle altogether, or make decisions that are non-profitable, and result in failure. That does not make one a failure. It makes one human!

Trial and error is one of the greatest forms of educating oneself! It also measures the distance in growth of human character, charisma, resilience, and tenacity. But it is very important that you learn from your attempts and make wise decisions that won’t produce the same result.

You can never measure the true weight of your success without considering the weight of your failures. Failures are necessary. Failures teach us patience, trust, humility, and how the grace of God works in our lives. They keep us in awe and honor of The Creator who has never succeeded at failing! He has never made a mistake, but He allows us to encounter them…daily!

Failure is a teacher. Failure teaches us how to overcome obstacles, and it expands our perspectives in how we view obstacles. We all can learn a lot from our failures. We must choose to think positively about our failures because there are so many hidden gems we can discover in the muddiness of mistakes.

Failing into place. One of the beautiful discoveries of failure is that often times it lands us right into a place that we would never choose or plan to go on our own. Many businesses end up finding their niche product or service because of failed attempts in the wrong direction. Failing well can be one of the greatest blessings because it redirects us to other ideas and possibilities that we may otherwise not explore. Failure can be a great guide that leads us to exactly where we are supposed to be.

Be encouraged to know that there is light in every dark moment and a lesson in every mistake. Sometimes you just have to look for the beauty in what didn't work out as planned, but always remember... failure can land you right where you were always supposed to be.

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